Strawberry Farm

Taste the juiciest and freshest strawberries straight from the vine.

With more than 80,000 plants preserved in our farm, visitors can pluck ripe, soft, and sweet strawberries. Our farm is considered a top attraction in Cameron Highlands for the refreshing taste of our berries which we use in our delectable desserts you can enjoy.

Nature-bonding Activities

Indulge in luscious local delights

made from our freshly picked strawberries.

Over 80, 000
Strawberry Plants
Assorted desserts
made daily

From our farm to our kitchen, to your plate

Organic and fresh, our farm is filled with grade-A strawberries perfect for desserts or by itself. Enjoy the burst of flavor with our strawberry-infused desserts straight from our farm.

Grade A strawberries

Calm and vibrant environment

Insta-worthy scenery

Fresh and artisanal desserts

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